Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Time's Minuet

 Image Source: minuetcompany.org

Boccherini - Minuet

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 The hemlock and pine strum the sky as a lyre
On darkness encroaching dusk’s vulnerable air
Over the land dips a somnolent brush
Another day slips from earth’s slate in night’s hush
As skylines dissolve in the mouth of the sky
And wind-songs evolve to a slow lullaby
Whilst over Time’s silvery edges I hear
The whisper of moments as they disappear

Midnight’s troubadour moans, on transient bend
In amalgamation of beginning and end
As tomorrow becomes what yesterday was
And present succumbs to past’s deepening pause
While oceans of living and loving and lust
Pour into eons of ashes and dust
And still ever hastening days become years
As moment on moment a life disappears

Where is the piper; the sound of the flute?
Strike now the timbrel, ere laughing turns mute
Dance as the violin’s quivering lay
Pines on the moments yet slipping away
See how the Maestro directs this grand choir?
Of moments and memories, dreams and desire
Fleet foot of passion and prayer pirouette
Over the garden to Time’s minuet

© Janet Martin

Happy Birthday Lucy...may you enjoy life's dance!


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