Friday, March 9, 2012

The Tides of March

They rush in oceanic sweeps
To muffle winter's dirges
Startling the earth from vaulted deeps
In wild and untamed surges
These are the tides of March

They snuff the golden bliss of noon
In howling, hastening fury
To spill the honey from hope’s spoon
Lest spring should think to hurry
These are the tides of March

The pine of stiff and stately pride
Of groomed and gilded figure
Is bent against the sudden tide
Of winter’s desperate rigor
These are the tides of March

Oh, wail across petulant earth
Release your final measure  
For you cannot restrain the breath
Melting your futile pleasure
These are the tides of March

©Janet Martin
 Seriously, there is someone playing with the weather switches today!
We are shifting from blizzard to clear sunshine back to blizzard in the blink of an eye!


  1. We've had no winter whatsoever this year... Daffodils haven been in bloom for about two weeks now. Hang in there, in the blizzard!

  2. Tides of march...very nice ~

    Same weird weather here too....And I drove through it ~

  3. HA,I can only imagine! Daffodils here are a month and a half way!

    Grace, I was driving in it, but just a's my teenage daughters who HAD to go away (because teenagers simply would DIE if they had to stay home on a Friday night;) that I'm worried about. I sort of loved these wintry nights when all of my 'babies' were happy to be home.

  4. So many truly beautiful words and phrases strung together thoughtfully here, Janet. Thank you.

  5. Hannah, thank-you for your visit and your words.


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