Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tagged Again...round 2

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I'm accepting the re-tag in part because Victoria, my 11 year old daughter  is out for a second night to a sleep-over and the house seems so quiet without her. This will occupy my mind.:)
So Happy Amateur. I accept the re-tag:) 
The Rules Are:
1. You must post the rules.
2. Post 11 fun facts about yourself.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create 11 more to ask the ones you tag.
4. Tag however many bloggers you wish.
5. Let them know they are tagged.
6. Have fun!!
 11 fun facts about me:
1. I have never owned a cell phone
2 I went to a smash derby and had a latte- two firsts- a month ago
3. I am learning to type.
4. I am a home-body
5. therefore I am terrible with directions
6. and a very timid driver on unfamiliar roads
7.  Beth Powning is one of my favorite Canadian authors
8. I am sensitive, love deeply and quietly, and find it hard to let go
9. I collect rolling pins...120 and counting.
10. My comfort food is saltines and sharp cheddar
11. Happy Amateur said her hunches are usually pretty good...mine is almost the same!!! My lunches are usually pretty good...scrambled egg on a wrap with salsa and cheese or mini-wheat with blue-berries!

11 questions for you:  My answers
1.      Do you give yourself enough credit? No, I'm always a harsh critic of myself...
2.      What is your biggest hope? To hear 'well done, my good and faithful servant' when I leave this earth.
3.      Are you an early bird or a night owl when it comes to writing?  a night owl  hoot-hoot;))
4.      What are you most proud of? Of the way my hubby sacrifices for us!
5.      What gives you shivers?  Really great poetry and really awesome music! They are my 'good' shivers' A really black sky in the middle of the day gives me scary shivers.
6.      Do you believe there’s something more to coincidences? YES! I call them God-incidences:)
7.      Would you like to be a space tourist? YES!
8.      Do you fly in your dreams? Never have...but I do a mean fall:)
9.      Are you a “cat person” or a “dog person”?  Neither. But if I owned a pet it would be a dog.
10.  Do you edit your writing before posting it on your blog? Always...and I still find errors that somehow I over-look at posting time!
11. What do you want to be when you grow up? This question makes me smile...if ever I grow up I hope to be wise....and a better poet!
11 My Questions for you:  
      1. If you could change something about yourself what would it be? 
      2. What do you do to 'treat' yourself? 
I     3. What is a favorite memory of yours?
      4. What color are your eyes?
      5. How many times have you moved?
     6. What is your personal goal right now?
     7. What kind of music do you enjoy?
     8. What is your favorite cook?
     9. What hobbies do you enjoy?
     !0. What do you dread?
     11.  What inspires you?
I tag: with no pressure whatsoever to commit AND there is no time constraint on this either so if you want to play...YOU'RE IT!


  1. Hmmm Okay, thanks....I think...:) My first thought when I read it was the hardest part may be the eleven fun things about me!!!:)
    I will try to climb out of my comfort zone for this but it may take time!!

  2. No worries! There is no time limit or pressure to do it...I wanted you to know that I would tag you and I totally understand if you choose not to; it does take a little time:)

    Enjoy your day!

  3. I do think you are 'wise and a good poet' already!

    Also wondering: Do you display your rolling pins or just collect them? (Lordie, I don't own a one. I probably made 2 pie crusts in my life.)

  4. Mary...I'm laughing! Yes, I display them, but it has become a bit of a love/hate thing when dusting!


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