Monday, March 12, 2012


Although you never tell me
I know your secret hurts
I study your reflection now
Without offering of words
For you know what I’m going to say
Before the air is broken
We share a world no one can see
In trysts, raw and unspoken

We sit together, you and I
In silences unhurried
I know your thoughts and you know mine
It’s always been this way, dear
I trace the outline of your stare
You crazy, sudden stranger
Who are you? I am unprepared
To attempt any answer

For I am you and you are me
And yet, I’ve never seen you
Get up and walk across the street
Or even to the next room
I’ve known you all my life and yet
I lean to see you clearer
For I feel like I’ve never met
That woman in the mirror

© Janet Martin


  1. Enjoyed. It’s so true. So many shocking things are learned when looking into a mirror.

  2. Anthony, thank-you. I'm so glad you know what I mean:)


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