Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Song

He fills the night sky with celestial diamonds
Imbues with enchantment, dirt road and dull field
He embellishes dawn with mercy resplendent
And covers the earth in Hope’s infinite shield

He fills each moment with uncharted mystery
Lavishes meadows with gold diadem
He breathes on the bud, stirring from tight-lipped prisons
Ravishing garments for nature’s bare limb

He nudges the pulse of the seed, deep in slumber
Urges the soil to unclench its cold fist
In translucent whispers He flings without number
Petals of promise to vales heaven-kissed

He brushes the sky-line with wonder, bold, blazing
Quiets the daylight with unfettered grace
From the height of the mountain to the floor of the ocean
To the hearts of mankind, He does not hide His face

Sing to the One who appoints every season
Victory embraces cold-hearted defeat
Praise be to Him who with love beyond reason
Showers His glory to bloom at our feet

© Janet Martin

 “Listen to this, Job;
   stop and consider God’s wonders.Job 37:14


  1. Can I just start by saying... WOW!!! look at that beautiful field of dandelions!! I know most people dislike to hate them, but I think they're cheerful :) I wish some of my other "proper" flowers grew with their tenacity!! I sang your words to a tune similar to that of "To God be the Glory"... beautiful :)

  2. Thank-you Megan, I hummed as I wrote this one...I wonder who decided that dandelions were illegitimate blooms and butter-cups and daisies are okay:) I was going to get a picture of the field in white froth but it came and went before I got a chance to do it!...this was last spring. Maybe this spring I will try again. We are having SUMMER today!


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