Monday, March 26, 2012

Sonnet of Wonderment

When I consider the work of Thy hands
The planets in flawless precision laid
The order of seasons startling earth's sands
The force of oceans at shorelines contained…
When I consider the scope of Thy plan
How Thought void of Time placed existence therein
And how it encompassed the falling of man
With One all-supreme sacrifice for sin
I cease my babble; for I cannot grasp
Even a shadow of fullness so vast

When I consider the gift of Thy Son
The crown of vile thorns on Love’s sacred brow
How rivers of mercy and redemption run
As cries of doom ‘neath deliverance bow
To speak my amazement, I am at loss
As I contemplate my pardon, blood-bought
For when I consider man’s hope at the cross
Only grateful tears can utter my thought
What is man, this sinful creature of dust?
That Heaven’s perfect Lamb should die for us?

When I think of boundless eternity
How time-yoked minds cannot fathom its breadth
And then I compare infinity
To God’s grace and compassion beyond height or depth
I cry, oh my God, where can I begin
To comprehend a perfect Love so deep?
I hear a Voice whispering from within
Do you love me? Then will you feed my sheep?
I think of how one drop of His blood sets us free
And cry, yes my Lord be it unto me'

© Janet Martin

 When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” 
With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.John 19:30


  1. I love how you started from that old familiar Psalm and then leaped into your own wild and marvelous considerings..... your words leap within me.... I cease my babble...

    I remember an old phrase I memorized eons ago from some ancient source:

    My God, My God
    what is a heart
    that thou shouldst seek and woo
    pouring upon it all Thy heart
    as if Thou hadst nothing else to do.

    When I don't have words, I often let these unknown author's fall from my tongue over and over and over with wonder.

    You now have also captured the unmeasurable wonder of His heart for me.

  2. PS... I just googled to see if I could find that phrase.

    I did, I did... and guess what... how I remembered isn't quite the way it is originally.

    I love the original, but I like the way I remembered too...

    Here's the link to the original:

    (Funny thing about Google... that last time I tried to find this little quote nothing came up. Now here it is... ain't Google grand!)

  3. Oh Brenda, Thank-you for sharing that wonderful phrase. I love it! Yes, Mr Google is one of my best friends;)) It's funny how sometimes the second search will turn up something it refused previously...these thoughts began yesterday morning in the worship service and I just kept sort of adding to really could go on forever couldn't it?

    I appreciate all your thoughts today!
    I just checked out that poem...BEAUTIFUL!!! I simply adore old poetry...'adore' used very loosely of course, but that is the poetry that speaks most deeply to me.
    Thank-you again for sharing. the stanza you remembered is my fav too.


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