Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sonnet of Vexation...Sunday Whirl

Thought sweeps over me that I cannot bear
Grief’s alchemist sports a merciless craft
as supple portions of angst and despair
overtake tender joy where we loved and laughed
Its acumen probes with acid reproof
Bitter tears; the juices of deep regret
My sprinkled conscience is standing aloof
I cannot gauge twist my heart and my head
what leads to goodness or to plundered spoil
for your words are sweet as honey and oil



  1. Janet, a strong and depthful write!

  2. Loves' haunting refrains...those we would rather not hear sometimes flow easier than a joyful tear.

  3. Thank-you Mary and Jules,

    I'm not sure why, when I looked at those words they evoked a sense of sadness rather than joy...I want to try another with more optimism:)

  4. Very powerful and poignant! Nice use of the words!

  5. I have found when doing these wordles that many times they end up going places much deeper than I ever intend. This is not a bad thing as your wordle shows. I was really taken with the line "Grief's alchemist sports a merciless craft". And that is why we must care for those that grieve.

    I would love to see how you used the words differently- do let us know if you do.

  6. I admire writers who can persist through the sonnet form and end up with a poem that makes sense! Bravo!

    Whirling Haiku

  7. Another beautiful entry in this week's Wordle! I love the word-weaving you did here, and how it evokes such deep emotions. Congratulations on a job (and poem) well done!


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