Friday, March 30, 2012

Shaping Heritage...

Dear Mother and Daddy
We hold in our grip
More than the turning of page
But in every moment
As softly they slip
We shape our child’s heritage

Dear Mother and Daddy
What do they observe
As they adapt our attitude?
Do they learn to trust beyond
Life’s startling curve
And know that God is good?

Dear Mother and Daddy
We cannot change
The sorrows that lay in the earth
But for our children
We can begin
A heritage of invaluable worth

Dear Mother and Daddy
Show them the stars
Point to the unfolding bloom
For as you do
You will stir in their hearts
The wonder of God’s living-room

Dear Mother and Daddy
One day at a time
Is given to learn and to teach
As God leads the way
He will teach us to climb
And attain what seems out of reach

© Janet Martin

Awhile ago I posted a poem with a footnote telling of how I opened my mouth to show them the moon…
And then shut it, thinking the kids didn’t really care how big and beautiful it was…a few comments reminded me to tell them anyway, because it will teach them to see, even if they don’t seem mightily impressed at the time. Someday they will remember, and understand.
Teach them to see God in life’s ordinary miracles!
p.s. is ordinary miracles an oxy-moron? 

I thanked God... as they boarded the bus, for the gift of watching this miracle....every school morning I have been given the health and ability for 15 years to watch and wave...

I was stirred anew when I read this: at Lilacs and Lavender just now...realizing how crucial, quick and precious those pre-school years are...

I borrowed this quote from Megan as well...

"It often happens to children
and sometimes to gardeners
that they are given gifts of value
of which they do not perceive
until much later."

~ Wayne Winterrowd ~


  1. It's awesome to think we pass on our heritage, our knowledge, morals & values... a moment at a time. I love your comment at the bottom about the moon... I don't know how I'll feel as my kids get older, but I'll probably still gush over the beauty of flowers and sunsets and harvest moons, and things like that :)

    I also believe there is such a thing as an ordinary miracle... something that happens so often it's considered ordinary or common... but is in actuality a miracle taken for-granted :)

    Have a great day Janet!

  2. Megan, you're right. the 'ordinary miracles' begin the moment oxygen gives us the ability to breathe...!No! at conception!, at Eden! Thank-you as always, Megan.

  3. You are lucky to see your children off on the bus every day; and they are lucky to have you at home to do so. A lot of children don't have this anymore. They will always remember this when they are adults.

  4. Mary, thank-you for reminding me of something that is easy to forget...


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