Monday, March 26, 2012

Shadows on a Wall...attempt #2

Poetic Bloomings Picture Prompt

It isn't so much
 the 'not dancing'
that hurts,
but the parting of ways

it isn't the silence
that drives me mad
It's the echo
of lost yesterdays



  1. Love this. I have thoughts like this when I draw or paint the portraits of those more senior than me. (I know how many of them can there be). I think about their younger days. I often have them dancing, as I place them on the page.

  2.'s the artist in you, not age, that makes this picture relate-able;))This Is a very powerful picture. I don't doubt that you see this in them...I'm beginning to see it in my life and hopefully I'm still a few years from cane-age;)
    Thank-you for your thoughts~


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