Thursday, March 22, 2012


They say the sun can’t talk at all
But oh, today I heard her call
From oceans of cerulean sky
She cajoled me with her eye
Right through the window to my chore
Until; she drew me through the door
And led me over emerald scape
We danced, I lay against the cape
She spread across the fragrant earth
I drank the sun-warmed wine of mirth
As purple-petal meditation
Lent a sweet intoxication
In the arms of new-born flowers
Who dares tally pithy hours?
For I must see the wee bud wake
Nudging its shell until it breaks
And I must see the leaf begin
A tiny flower on a limb
And I must hear the trill of lark
I cannot wait until its dark
For then the sun has slipped away
And I would miss what she would say
…they say the sun can’t talk at all
But I know I heard her call
What she said I'll never tell
He only hears, who listens well

© Janet Martin

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!



  1. It's a shame to waste time indoors if & when we have time to be outside basking in the sun :) We've been setting temperature records down here (high 80's)... warmer in Ohio than in Florida this week ~ feels like Summer instead of Spring! It's supposed to go back to seasonal temperatures in the 50's & 60's soon. How has it been up North?

  2. Yes, i gave myself permission to play 'hooky' to housework for awhile these past few days! Your weather sounds a lot like ours, and yes, temps are dropping as I write. It is going to be more seasonal next week, but that's okay. this 'summer in March' was quite surreal! and no matter what comes now it won't last too long!


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