Friday, March 30, 2012

When All that is Missing is Your Body Next to Mine...

As empty as a faithless prayer
Is midnight’s dark and naked air
Sheer will alone cannot replace
The haunting void of emptiness
Ephemeral want restricts clear thought
When all I know is what is not
But still I feel your absence near
Quiet observer of my tear

To drift upon a hapless wave
Is to lie early in death’s grave
The body is a transient shell
Where longing and fulfillment dwell
And whether you are far or near
It does not really matter, dear
For I hold love’s most sacred part
Within the sanctum of my heart

© Janet Martin

Written for IGWRT prompt: Bodies...


  1. Lovely to see you posting to Real Toads, Janet. This poem has a classical style which is very appealing. I love the last four lines.

  2. You write from your heart, Janet. That is one thing I ALWAYS, without fail, appreciate about your poetry.

  3. Mary, thank-you. I admire the writer's who can write outside of themselves...I've tried but I always end up getting tangled in my words;)

    I appreciate your kind words, always!

  4. Your opening two lines are very "grasping," feeling if that makes sense. Such a introspective piece. Janet, your photo above is outstanding! :)

  5. So very beautiful, Janet, and the last two lines just zipped right into MY heart! Just lovely.

  6. yes, very pretty, i love your rhymes :)

  7. This flows so well. It's a joy to read.

  8. Haunting and romantic with thymes that make it flow really well. Great take on the challenge and great writing.

  9. The body is a transient shell
    Where longing and fulfillment dwell

    So softly and gently said... like a prayer. Beautifully touching.


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