Saturday, March 17, 2012

Replay from a year ago...Reasons

Moments…clamoring for my attention
Then dissolving before I can give them
Their just due
Duty……in every shape and dimension
Crowding around me, distracting me
From you

Blessing…imperceptible in its grandeur
Of minutest and invisible detail
Surrounds me
Life….. a passage of splendor
For I am slipping and sliding toward Your
Arms around me

Seasons…marked by changing faces
Evolving into a lifetime
Of yesterdays
Reasons…..silent, motionless traces
Outlining thoughts of You
In poignant praise


Busy day...time for a re-play:)
It is how I feel...a constant slipping and sliding toward victory!


  1. These imperceptible blessings. We are given glimpses and moments. Living a life time of faith. Just lovely writing.


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