Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Purple (Teddy) is Found!

 ( I peeked into her room before coming in to do the 'tuck in' and found a picture of contentment:)

Remember this? Lost Teddy

Tonight she will sleep like the mother
who sleeps
without an ear tuned
for the sound of a door
or a step
Tonight she will sleep
a slumber
rich and deep
All the children are home
tucked safely in bed


Yes, mother found it so Mother got the reward!
...Four chocolate-covered almonds and three dimes:)
The reward was sealed in an envelope the day the posters went up
so the almonds were a little....chewy;)

Oh! Where was it ? In a bag of Anne Geddes dolls stored in my closet,
which I found while spring cleaning today!
The Anne Geddes dolls come out for a special treat so they don't get 'wrecked'.
I guess Purple hopped in the bag with them the last time they were out to play...

 "Ford's in his flivver," murmured the D.H.C. "All's right with the world." Aldous Huxley


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