Thursday, March 29, 2012

On Acceptance...

We may fight with denial
Life’s immutable facts
And suffer them bitterly
Or we can stand tall
Admit and accept
Life’s imperfect things that must be

We cannot escape
What God allows
And if we fight stubbornly
We cannot improve
The here and now
By what we refuse to see

Acceptance of weakness
Is not an excuse
For mindless apathy
But it is the first step
We must choose
To find hope’s possibility

© Janet Martin

Are you brave enough to say it?
Those first words toward making our worst our best…
To say ‘I accept the fact that…
I am sick…
I am addicted to….
I am an alcoholic…
I am not in love with my spouse…
I am angry because…
I am jealous…
I am greedy…
I am afraid…
I am depressed…
God, I am weak…help me


  1. hmmmm, well done!! There was much food for thought yesterday.
    this is good to ponder...

  2. yes, I loved the 'sharing time'! To remember...THAT is the challenge;)


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