Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Most Beautiful Part

It slips away in misty gray
Over the hill so blue
No backward glance, no long last dance
…my happy day with you
In oceans aloft and ever so soft
With nothing but a whispered sigh
It pushes away, my beautiful day
Into the by and by
And now as I gaze to the sunset blaze
Silently, tenderly
I fold to my heart, its most beautiful part
A precious memory



  1. Janet, you made me cry again. This is so beautiful.

  2. Sasha, we had friends here today that we have not seen in almost a year because they moved to Nova Scotia. They were in Ontario for March break and spent the afternoon and evening at our house...I was feeling a little sad after they left. I'm so glad for beautiful memories that hurt, and for those kinds of tears!

  3. Beautiful days make beautiful memories make beautiful poetry that preserves them!

  4. Beautiful poem. Fits the a end of a good day.

  5. Special days with special people are to be cherished just as you have so eloquently done here, Janet.

  6. And I tear up as I am entwined in the memory and now am far away, not across the road, once again.
    hugs full of heart...J


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