Monday, March 19, 2012

A Monday Morning Melody

The morning mist that softly kissed
Earth’s placid, slumb’ring brow
Has melted to the quiet blue
Beneath the mellow glow
Of daylight stretching, softly etching
Rugged timber-line
Against the sigh of heaven’s eye
And glorious sunshine

Duties command instructs the hand
But cannot steal the heart
As symphonies borne on the breeze
And springtime’s budding art
Renews our hope; broadens the scope
Of dreams that dormant lay
Mankind rejoices with the voices
Spilling from earth’s fray

The vigor of youth’s crazy love
Stirs rampant wanderlust
Its beckon from a hillside throne
And lanes of wakened dust
The morning mist that softly kissed
The tear from winter’s cheek
Opens the door; across earth’s shore
…begins another week

© Janet Martin

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