Wednesday, March 21, 2012


It rolls over vale, hilltop and woodland
Tides of green mercy, sweetening our scope
Vision of wonder transforming landscapes
From dormant dreaming to refurbished hope

It sweeps without movement in subtle oceans
Spring metamorphosis bleeds from the shell
Of earth’s stricken glory and reflection
Miracles spilling to furrow and dell

Into the pasture of heartlands it rushes
Reviving our spirits and warming our smile
See how the morning and evening light blushes
As spring consumes winter with passionate guile

It rolls over hilltop, valley and meadow
Jubilant anthems of ecstatic grace
Earth responds to the Maestro of Heaven
Emerald diadems cover her face

© Janet Martin

Things are beginning to green!
These pics are taken a month apart...


  1. What a wonderful tribute to Spring - and how lovely it is to feel the days warming and lengthening.

  2. Thank-you Janice,
    Yes, it is wonderful, but we are enjoying it cautiously here, This is very unseasonably warm and someone said the 'experts' are forecasting 3 more blizzards before the cold retires for the season. All I can say is 'we'll enjoy it while it lasts'!:)

  3. Amazing the changes that can take place in a month's time! It's wonderful to see GREEN, buds, and flowers :)

  4. I couldn't believe it when I looked back, but having said that, there was substantially less snow this year and certainly much warmer temps. Makes me wonder what kind of summers is waiting:)

    Thank-you Megan, for stopping on my porch today:)


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