Friday, March 9, 2012

Lunar Torment

Tonight I allow you to take me
For I can no longer resist
Desire out-weighs common senses
Wrap me in your ocean of mist

Tonight I need more than a promise
Whispered through my window-pane
Tomorrow gleams on the horizon
Oh, let not this night pass in vain

Tonight you spread over my being
Translucent; you taunt, I beseech
But all I can hear is you breathing
In oceans that I cannot reach


I had all the lights turned out.
I was going to bed...
and then I looked out through my bedroom window at the sky!
I ignored the clock and went outside...heaven like this waits for no one
and morning can steal it away! 


Bradley A. Peraino said...

Very nice, good write!

The Happy Amateur said...

You are such an incurable romantic, Janet! I love it :-)

Bradley A. Peraino said...

Thank you for the inspiration!

Ella said...

I love the romance of your poem
The allure and attraction
So beautiful

Janet said...

Brad, Your poem is beautiful!

HA, yes, I am...isn't it a grand way to live?

Ella, I have read your poem at least four times! You waited to write 'the moon' until she gifted you the perfect words!

Kat Mortensen said...

Stunning! "oceans I cannot reach" really struck me.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

VERY beautiful! I especially love the last two lines!

Janet said...

Kat and Sherry, thank-you so much!

rch said...

Yes the last two lines are magnificent and really give this great poem an ending to remember.