Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lunar Hypnotism

A captive audience
Falls beneath your subtle spell
You sing your tune
In every language
To earth, wide-eyed and vulnerable
A maiden
Ever youthful
Casting your bewitching glance
To steal the hearts of poet's
In your soft, mesmeric trance

 © Janet

She looked so lonely as she stared through our window at dinner last I took her picture.


  1. Yours oozes Lunar s subtle charms, so beautiful!
    I have to read it again

  2. Lovely and soft as the moonlight.

  3. I looked out the window at 5 am this morning to see a beautiful softly glowing white moon through stark black branches... captivating! God certainly gave us quite a gift when He placed the moon in the Heavens...

  4. Beautiful, both poem and photo.......that was some moon, and look at all the poems she inspired!!!!

  5. Yes, that was some moon! Tonight my hubby is near Alberta and he told me he is watching northern lights...sigh~

  6. Lovely picture. The format of the poem seems to increase it's musicality. I found it flowing.


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