Friday, March 9, 2012

Just in case we've forgotten...

Enjoy fur Elise on your summer evening stroll...
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In case we've forgotten how the golden wheat field
stretches to the mouth of the sky
Or how the warm breezes of summer's late day
Soft 'gainst the evening lie
or how Queen Ann's lace graces the collar
of ditches and lanes, forgotten
or how God's handiwork awes us to stillness
in masterpieces dangling from heaven

In case we've forgotten the music of grasses
etched in the waning of day
or the sketch of a daisy outlined on the canvas
of twilight melting away
Perhaps we've forgotten, beneath winter's blanket
the dancing of wind on the corn
How each day of August is glimpses of heaven
begun on a summer's morn

In case we've forgotten, we wait while the curtain
of winter remains tightly drawn
We wait while the silver of ten-thousand miracles
dance over garden and lawn
No winter is able to out-live spring's verdure
soon its chill fury will pass
And soon we'll remember the peace of December
When its time to cut the grass


I took a video of the howling gale but it will not upload... I posted a sweet alternative:) Enjoy!

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