Saturday, March 31, 2012

An Interview with You, my Love

You slip your fingers intimately
Through mine
For you know what I am thinking
By the hint of a smile
In the darkness
Between us
Is it an inch
Or ten-thousand miles?
Is there a difference?
For when it comes to love…
…to you,
There are no empty spaces
They are full of love
And  thoughts
Of love
The greater the distance then,
The greater the love,
But no,
For I love you completely
And in its completeness
There can be no increase
Or decrease


1 comment:

  1. If I haven't left a comment, doesn't mean I haven't read the poem :-)

    Almost too intimate for an intruder to leave a comment on, but you posted it for everyone to see, so I'll just say that your words never cease to move me.

    I hope you're working on submitting... Maybe your kids can help you with that? Take over the organizational side, so you can just write? Might be a fun project for them, you think?


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