Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Inexorable Lullaby

The Colors of Claude Monet - By Licht courtesy

It slithers from the willow limb
Entwined in lambent sigh
Of hollow midnight diadem
And rending lullaby
It runs its restless fingers
Over longing and delight
Stirring memories that linger
Deep into the quiet night
It ravages intention
And distorts visceral thought
In reckless intervention
Summarizing what is not
Yet, the clock broadens 'forever'
In a phantom hour glass
And the waves release their candor
As the ceaseless ages pass
While the hollow of the midnight
Seems to touch the very core
Of a melody of moments
That can never drift  a-shore


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  1. What a beautiful poem Janet! Great imagery and rhythm. I love this, well done!


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