Monday, March 26, 2012

I Am Strong...

I’m not that strong
The road ahead
Is fraught with the unknown
It seeks to twist
My mind with dread
And turn my joy to stone

I’m not that strong
I cannot hold
The weight of sinful seed
Or with my shallow
will unfold
the strength and hope I need

I’m not that strong
But there is One
Who takes my fumbling thought
And reminds me
that He is strong
even when I’m not

© Janet Martin

…and He said unto me;
My grace is sufficient for thee;
My strength is made perfect in weakness.


  1. I've had a number of fumbling thoughts these days....thank you for the reminder that there is One who takes them and replaces them with His strength!

  2. Without Him Brenda...I'd be a goner:)


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