Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How Do I Thank Him?

How do I thank the One who formed
The earth and sky and sea
Then in redemption’s hour wore
A robe of blood for me
Not one small offering of worth
Had I to give to Him
But still his blood-drops bathed the earth
In victory’s diadem

How do I thank the One who taught
The willow how to weep
The bird its song, the bud to bloom
And filled the azure deep
With universes infinite
Beyond my meager scope
Then spread His limbs on roughened wood
And filled my soul with hope

How do I thank the One who gives
For my vast guilt His grace
On my behalf He wept and pled
With blood-drops on His face
How do I thank the One who tunes
The wind and rolling sea
He light’s the stars, the sun and moon
And paid sin’s debt for me

© Janet Martin


  1. This flows so smoothly, beautifully and the message is so precious. Thank you, Janet, such a treasure!

  2. Oh Hannah, thank-you. It is a poem that could go on forever, to list all the things He gives to us...How do we thank Him?! Someone asked the question on Sunday morning and the thought has been stirring in me since then. He is so awesome!

    Thank-you again for your visit and your words.


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