Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hidden Terrors...yes, pun intended;)

They leap from murky shadows
White heat dries my eyes as I try to run
With feet caught in quicksand
It is no use; my life is done
But as I brace myself for teeth meeting flesh
The bed jolts; I wake in a panting sweat

Sometimes they come at me
A black, lightning flash across the spacious yard
And I simply cannot move fast enough
Though a mile back I begin pedaling hard
It seems that their sixth sense knows
When there’s a bike-cyclist coming close

In a perfect world I could take a bike ride
And my heart would never race
Because everyone would keep their dogs tied
Denying them the thrill of the chase
Woof, woof, woof, my mouth goes dry
Who will be quicker, the dogs or I?

I really, really, REALLY HATE being chased by dogs.
When I was a girl I had to bike past a place where three big Dobermans
inhabited the front yard. It didn’t matter how silently I approached or how fast I was moving, they would give chase! I have remain terrified to this day! Yes it’s true. I am terrified of most dogs! Now you know…


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