Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Genesis of Seduction~

This week’s featured poetry form is a bit of a challenge. It is called GENESIS. It has been devised by Walt Wojtanik, and takes its name from the musical group by the same name. The form consists of three (the last configuration of the group had three members) six-lined stanzas each with the rhyme scheme A-B-A-C-A-B (“ABACAB’ was one of the group’s big hits). There is no syllable count or any set meter.

Purple petals spread across the emerald grass
Their fragrance wafting on springs virgin breeze
I fall prey to their suggestions as they pass
To be seduced by violets is a glorious thing
I must find my slippers made of glass
For I am surely a princess in moments as these

It is no anemic and casual glance
You toss to me from across the room
We touch each other in an invisible dance
To be seduced by a lover’s eyes is a guiltless fling
Is it the heart or the eye that stirs the bud of romance?
Beneath love’s tender gaze, timid lilies bloom

In twists and swirls, you taunt and tease
With legends of spilled ink
You breathe across vast centuries
To be seduced by poetry is the pinnacle of ecstasy
Arousing keen awareness of my meager capabilities
I open my mouth to your lips, and I drink and I drink

© Janet Martin

prompted by Walt at Poetic Bloomings

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