Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gathered Wealth

Gather your treasure
Do not wait till the morrow
To tally the measure
Of laughter and sorrow

Gather your treasure
Not in dollars and cents
But in the grand pleasure
Of simple events

Toss to the breezes
Your gathered despair
The darling wind teases
The soft morning air

 Gather your treasure
For time's temporal  strand
Dissolves in a moment
Like waves on the sand

Then gather the treasure
Of sapphire and gold
The sun on the water
The sea in its hold

The gaze of a loved one
The sparkle of joy
Dancing in freedom
Of wee girls and boys

Gather your treasure
Not in earthen parts
But kept in the measure
Of love’s thankful heart

© Janet Martin


  1. Breathtaking picture to go along with a breathtaking poem

  2. Thank-you OE, this photo was taken on Georgian Bay at Sauble of my favorite places on earth!

  3. Simple Pleasures and Love are definitely the best treasures of all, Janet! I agree....

  4. I feel very in-tune with your thoughts today :) The Robert Louis Stevenson quote on the side of my blog echoes your words here... a very calming photo by the way :)


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