Monday, March 12, 2012

Evening's Dawning

When evening dawns, the harsher shades
Of toil are dimmed and muted
Staccato rhythms of noon-parades
Recoil, in history rooted
And from the cusp of earthen tongue
A somnolent caressing
Draws shadowed dusk o'er old and young
In heaven’s twilight blessing

The azure grin of laughing day
The tumbled cloud of sorrow
Are gathered in and tucked away
Lord willing, till tomorrow
And from the wall of hill and tree
Of sky-scraper horizon
A deepening shawl of symmetry
Expands from heaven's ocean

Across the girth of misery
And lust’s incessant fretting
  Behold the earth, a velvet sea
Beneath dusk’s dew-drop netting
Come; cast to naught your meager wants
Beneath an eye immortal
For evening dawns in mystic haunts
From heaven’s lowered portal

© Janet Martin


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