Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Day for Celebration

This is a day for celebration
Open your heart and sing
Join the myriad of creation
Heralding the dawn of spring

This is a day of miracle-wonder
Immaculate repertoire
Ripple of zephyr and rolling of thunder
Tuning the landscape choir

This is the day of woodland-minstrels
Stories of nature’s rebirth
Open your eyes, nothing is minuscule
On this greatest day on earth

This is the day of rain-song and gold sun
Laughing on earth’s avenue
Fling back the curtain to Scene number one
Of spring’s 2012 debut

© Janet Martin


  1. Thank you Janet, for the poem and the beautiful photos!

  2. Hurra! It's (very nearly) spring. Your poem confirms it beautifully.

  3. This is a glorious song of Spring, Janet!! I love the image above, all the gray delicious layers. Simply beautiful.

  4. Your poem definitely fits my mood. I always love it when I can say 'spring' instead of 'winter.' Celebration IS in order.


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