Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oh, Won't That Be Something...

What A Day that Will Be

Oh, won’t that be something when He plucks the veil
From our haggard earth-dimmed view
When visions of sickness and sorrow grow pale
In Heaven’s immortal hue
Oh, won’t that be something when we touch our feet
Not on this world’s broken sod
But skimming the surface of golden streets
Into the arms of God?

Oh, won’t that be something when we fly beyond
The sunset that borders the west
And all of our weeping and groaning is gone
In that promised land of rest
Oh, won’t that be something when we lay aside
This mortal body of dust
As we look to see gleaming gates swinging wide
Where treasure will never rust

Oh, won’t that be something when He takes our hand
Though wretched and poor it may be
When we hear the words, ‘good and faithful servant
I have a mansion for thee’
Oh, won’t that be something when we fall before
The throne of the heavenly King
And we praise our Savior forevermore
As ageless eternities wing

© Janet Martin

All that the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away.
John 6:37

In the birthday poem below Mary left a comment that really got me thinking...


  1. Janet, I managed to locate the poem I had been thinking about. It is by W.S. Merwin. (I've always enjoyed his poetry.) Here it is:

  2. You have ALMOST made death something to welcome in this poem. Beautiful.

  3. When we are healthy it is natural to desire life...but oh, our scope is so limited! When I was running last night and watching the sun drop lower and lower and seeing the touch of Spring everywhere, and hearing the woods exploding with bird song and spring peepers and geese I was held in awe!!! and then I realize that these are but vague glimpses of what will be...these thoughts and your previous comment got me to thinking about how amazing that will be when we see Him!

  4. p.s. thank-you for the poem...I love it! I'll need to check out some more of his poetry later:)

  5. I do think many of his poems are quite good, that at least he is worth a second glance.


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