Friday, March 9, 2012

Birthday Verses

This is no ordinary day
This ‘moment-splash’ from heaven
This is the very special day
Victoria turns eleven


Each birthday is mile-stone
Of heaven-gifted grace
It will not pass this way again
So stop, and celebrate


I have learned a thing or two
Within my adult-skin
To celebrate, like children do
The moment/birthday I am in


God splashed an ocean of sunbeams
Into the dark of this world
When he took His most tender heartstrings
And created earth’s best: little girls


Today is a beautiful treasure
Oh, and I simply can’t wait
For today, my dear, is your birthday
A reason to celebrate


God used his extra-special bits
Of wonderment and joy
He chose the best of heaven’s gifts
And made a little boy


Today is extra-special
In each and every way
For an extra-special little girl/boy
Is having a birthday!


Happy Birthday, my precious
Happy Birthday, my dear
Happy Birthday, I love you
Every day of the year


I thank God that He made roses
And lovely skies so blue
But most of all I thank Him
For the special gift of you


Yes, our 'baby' is eleven!


  1. Congratulations, Victoria!

    Have a wonderful day, birthday girl!

    I have a 'baby' girl who turned eleven not so long ago, in January. :-)

  2. I will pass on your wishes. thank-you. Isn't 11 a great age? They are still so 'unspoiled:)'

    I'm off to bake cupcakes so she can surprise her classmates! They are having a party to celebrate the beginning of March break!

  3. It is a good age! Victoria looks so much like you, Janet!

  4. Happy Birthday Victoria!!! How sweet that you took time to write special verses for her :) I took a nap with my little girl today... it was so special, she hardly lets me rock her to sleep anymore... then we both ended up going 'out like a light' :) Hope you all have fun celebrating your "special gift!"

  5. HA, I hear that all the does she, poor kid:)

    Megan, your day sounds dreamy...enjoy this little 'blip' on the screen. I know you do:)


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