Thursday, March 22, 2012

Birthday Poem

A birthday is a precious gift
It comes from up above
As God continues to grant life
In faithfulness and love

A birthday is a gracious gift
To which naught can compare
We lift our hope and praise to Him
And trust His tender care

A birthday is a joyous gift
Of God’s goodness and grace
Each one a stepping-stone toward
Our final resting-place

A birthday is a treasured gift
That only God delivers
We lift our hearts as we receive
And humbly thank the Giver

© Janet Martin

Man's days are determined; 
you have decreed the number of his months 
and have set limits he cannot exceed. Job 14:5


  1. Beautiful poem, beautiful cake.

    I once read a poem by a poet whose name I can not remember at the moment. He said everyone remembers and celebrates birthdays. But each year we pass a hidden anniversary, the anniversary of our death, the date as yet unknown....not celebrated. That concept always stuck with me. We all have a 'birthday' and a 'deathday' but the later...hopefully is a ways off.

  2. Wow, Mary! That is a mind-jolting thought! I am so thankful that we don't know our 'death-day'. I think we would lose focus of the moments we are in. The only thing it might make us realize is how short life is and we dare not waste one precious moment! I really appreciate your thoughts on this, Mary. Thank-you.


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