Friday, March 23, 2012

Acknowledgments... linked to Skywatch Friday

linked to Skywatch Friday
The wind bends the air in mutinous growls
Pushing the sparrow back into its nest
Yesterday’s sunshine is swallowed by scowls
Muttered from thunder-clouds low on the west

The slack grin of leisure has furrowed its brow
Purpose of plundering rides on the gale
As shutters flung open are bolted now
Respectful of nature’s preeminent wail

Elements rumble beyond man’s control
Over the delicate measure of thought
Fully aware of the vulnerable whole
In every achievement that human has wrought

Fragments of wistfulness cling to the arm
That gives and takes in a flash on the sod
As nature unleashes its wrath in a storm
Mankind acknowledges his dependence on God

© Janet Martin


  1. You've captured exactly how it feels to be caught in the midst of nature's wrath... and you're right, we have to acknowledge dependance on God. Who else can save us in such a desperate hour? Your poem is beautiful, yet eerie... not unlike the storm...

  2. Thank-you Megan, there are few things that fill us with apprehension like an approaching storm! I remembering my dad saying, more than once, ...'fire, wind and water have no mercy!'...and oh, how they can alter a man's plans...

  3. I'm happy there's that little blue spot in the upper left corner!
    Hang in there!
    Beautiful always :-)

  4. Yes, being introduced to farm life, I have a new appreciation for how the weather affects us! Also... isn't it amazing how through any kind of "storm" in life, we have to acknowledge our dependence on God?

  5. Thank-you Sasha:) All is well.

    Megan, so true!

  6. I really love this poem - elemental is so awe-inspiring. I thought you didn't like 'form' poems!

  7. Hey Janet this is great, excellent word usage and the imagery is awesome, love that first verse.

  8. Viv, thank-you for you visit to my porch! I wish I didn't love 'form' quite so much! :) In free verse lies my trepidation.

    rch. thank-you:)


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