Saturday, June 11, 2011

To Mommy from Heaven

No wind-swept kisses on my cheek
No apple blossoms clinging to my hair
No first words for me to speak
Oh mommy, did you never really care?
No summer picnics at the park
Or watching as the rain comes pouring down
No bedtime kisses after dark
Or buying me a satin wedding gown

Did you really never love me?
Was I simply a symbol of your shame?
Did you really never love me, mom?
Was I the fruit of hatred's evil game?

No sitting at the brink of dusk
To watch the sun slip soundlessly away
No daisy-chains or buttercups
No imaginary games for us to play
No birthday cards or sticky smiles
As I tasted my first birthday cake
No looking deep into my eyes
And loving me until your heart could break

Did you really never love me mom?
Did you think you'd be rid of all your blame?
Did you really never love me mom?
You never even gave to me a name

Now there is sunshine on my face
A halo on my pretty golden curls
I'm in such a lovely place
A Heaven full of little boys and girls
It’s a home of joy and love
Overflowing with a thousand charms
Sometimes I wish that you were here
To see me in my loving Father's arms

Did you really never love me mom?
Or was it just not greater than your fear?
Did you really never love me mom?
Can't help but wish sometimes that you were here


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  1. This reminds me of " I just called to say I love you " :)
    Nice write Janet !
    I like the "no ..... ( all the different things! ) " and it all!


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