Wednesday, June 1, 2011

That's the Thing about Love

I know, feelings are just feelings
They come; they go
But some days feelings move me
And darling, you seem to know
How to reach deep down inside me
And make those feelings flow

You are a soft rain at midnight
You are the sun on the sea
You are a fair-weather morning
And a prayer inside of me
You are a perfect love song
Playing so tenderly

Yes, feelings are just feelings
Some days I don’t get them right
But then a memory comes stealing
To that place so deep inside
Where you touch me without touching
And I cannot put up a fight

You are a wild storm raging
You are the ache in my tear
You are the wound that is bleeding
Where love and longing sear
Oh, you are more than a feeling
So much more, my dear

You are a vortex of desire
A sweet, silent torment
You are a slow-burning fire
Keeping me warm; content
You are much more than a feeling
You are heaven-sent


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