Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thank-you, Dad

For that time I totaled the car
And you didn’t get mad
For the times I simply condoned
The very wise words you said
Or didn’t speak at all
And you wished I would…
But still you were patient
And understood
I thank you, Dad

For the times I brushed off
Words carefully measured
For the times I broke your heart
Not treasuring what you treasured
For all the times I’ve failed
But you never give up on me…
I thank you, Dad

For all the prayers I know you pray
For all the wise, kind words you say
For all the things that you teach me
Not by word, but what I see
For all your patient, faithful love
As taught by a Father up above
Thankfully I bow my head
And whisper thank-you
Thank-you Dad

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