Thursday, June 30, 2011


Come away my love, and let’s be silent for awhile
The night is falling from above in sultry summer style
The brooding storm is hovering above the rolling deep
And sullen clouds are covering the floor where angels weep

Come my love, the storm may vent its fury on the plain
But with you I am content, oh darling, let it rain
No one else will ever know you quite the way I do
Darling, will you let me show you how much I love you?

Come my love and let the shadows steal the dying day
Let torrents wash the meadows, let the hours tick away
Darling,hold me nearer, let the storm its passions thrust
Is there anything that’s dearer than the arms of one you trust?

Come away, my love, and let the tempest seek its thrill
As it passes then how calm the night will be, and still
Let's wrap the night around us, bold and unpretentiously
While the raging winds surround us, love falls softly, silently


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