Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saddest of All

If I built my thoughts of you into a wall
I would never see the sky at all
And if I would write them in a melody
Its music would cover the deep blue sea
Oh, it’s a beautiful thing to know
That love is the rhythm in life’s ebb and flow

To simply touch and see and taste
Is such an empty, futile waste
But to be held close in the arms of a prayer
To know that you fill someone’s thought somewhere
And softly in whispers it’s your name they call
Is surely the very best feeling of all

Grief has intensity more blinding than love
Yet love is the high wire on which we move
We take its chance and love all the more
Knowing its dance could suddenly be o’er
Life without grief is the saddest of all
A loveless leaf on the ground in the fall


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