Friday, June 10, 2011

Prelude to Parting

We ordered lunch at the little café on the corner
We didn’t talk much,
As we watched people passing by
Like waves on a concrete sea
Lovers arm in arm,
Children laughing and shouting,
The self-absorbed strider
The hapless straggler
The scolding mother
The jogger,
The dog-walker
The mini-skirt and stilettos
The fellow in over-alls…

We order a second sup of coffee
Prolonging the inevitable
With long and reluctant pauses
Between each sip
You reach across the table
Touch my hand to your lips
And walk away
Lost in the sway of the crowd
Children laughing
Lovers arm in arm
The strider, the straggler, the mother
And you


I must have hit a lucky air-wave!!!
...still no internet to speak of:(
It only took 20 minutes to post this...
yes, that is sarcasm!!!!

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