Thursday, June 30, 2011

In Thirty Years

In thirty years

Who will you be?

As youth disappears

Across time’s sea

Will you look back

With tender gaze

Across the track

Of your life’s maze

And in the pathways

That you trod

Will you see the face

Of God?

If you should think then

Of father or mother

What memory

Will out-shine all others?

What will be

Your dearest thought?

Will others see

The things we taught?

In thirty years

Who will you be?

Will God above

Be a reality?

Will He be the light

Upon your path

Your strength to fight

The fiends of wrath?

Will His Word whisper

To you in your fears

Will He be your Master

As days become years

Because as a child

Your parents sought

Upon their knees

The things they taught

And will the Way

Be clearer somehow

Because of what

You’re learning now?

In thirty years

Will you be

The things you learned

When you were wee?


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