Friday, June 10, 2011

Greater Beauty

He pours His love into the dawn
A pale blue glow ascending
Extending from a heavenly throne
His mercy never-ending
With verdant breath He clothes the hills
And sighing woodland tresses
As from the apple orchard spills
A thousand flowered dresses

He reaches deep beneath the earth
And probes the seed still hidden
Nature responds to heaven’s mirth
To do as it is bidden
Then out across a barren world
Stripped bare by winter’s taking
Nature’s glory is unfurled
In springtime’s grand awakening

Twilight creeps across a land
A new and silent splendor
I am drawn toward the Hand
Patient, kind and tender
For all the beauty of this day
Could never be sufficient
If guilt could not be washed away
By One; perfect, omniscient

I close my eyes to see a cross
Upon it the Creator
Where mercy’s blood-red river flows
Forever and forever
He clad the earth in beauty fair
His grand and glorious garden
But its beauty can’t compare
To nail-scarred hands of pardon


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