Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I bet you think today I am going to write
About birthdays and getting old
How I just can’t remember quite
What I have or have not been told
Bet you thought that this was the day
I would celebrate and lament
But all I can really think to say
Is I am ‘middle-age content’

I don’t mind the years that are slipping by
As my youth slips farther away
I don’t miss the dream that shone in my eye
In some by-gone yesterday
I really enjoy the ache in my bones
I’ve earned it, don’t you agree?
Lamenting my age is like kicking stones
And who wants to be twenty-three?

If I look in the mirror to bemoan its truth
I would not trade it away
For a couple more years of brimming youth
Without words like ‘stiff’ or ‘gray’
It’s a great day to be alive
If I could I would not turn back the page
To be something other than forty-five
Or, in other words…middle-age

No, I’m not crazy or losing my mind
To middle-age insanity
But if you believe this…may I be so kind
As to suggest that you might be?


...a little chuckle:)))
the ad that popped up in blogger as I posted this was...

'Improve your pregnancy chances over 40!!!!'


  1. You are hilarious!!! I was just thinking about calling you n wishing you a happy B - day. But I will wish it now, hope it's good.
    I thought as I read your poem that you sure sound at peace with middle age :)

  2. Like the poem, but what reaching forty-five means at forty-five, isn’t what it means when forty-five is way back when.

  3. Thank-you Lucy,:) See you Thursday.
    I can reply today because my internet is working right now!

    Anthony...be careful or you might begin sounding like a wise old man:))


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