Thursday, April 14, 2011


If I could, well I’d invent a new word
One that’s meant for only me and you
You know how to stir me like no other
There are no words for all the things you do
But I am not some crazy word-inventor
So darling, how about the word ‘you’

‘You’ can never mean a thousand others
For me there’ll never be another ‘you’
‘They’ is meant for all those countless masses
Rushing by with other things to do
But only you can move me with a glance, dear
That is why I choose this small word; you

You make me want to get up in the morning
And do my best in all that I must do
There are just no words to tell you, darling
I wish that I could make one all brand-new
But when I think of what makes me so happy
All that I can think about is ‘you’

So I say things like ‘darling, oh I love you’
And ‘how are you?’ or ‘dear, how was your day?’
‘You sure are a grand sight for sore eyes, love’
‘I would like to kiss you if I may’
‘You’ is the best word that I can think of
When it comes to all I want to say


I love...'you':)


  1. I somehow don't think that this poem was meant for 'me'. :)

    'you' yes...that is a perfect word for the love of your life!

    beautifully written, Janet!

  2. My 'you' at a time is all I can handle:)))

    Thank-you, Hope


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