Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yesterday's Moments

Yesterday the moments we held spoke of years
Gleaming with possibilities
Tonight as I left you I shed quiet tears
Cancer is a cruel disease

Somewhere deep within my pulse hits rewind
In a slow-motion reverie
As yesterdays which are now decades behind
Are drawn from my memory

And for a moment I do not see
The toque on your once dark-haired head
The man in a bathrobe in front of me
Appears as a boy instead

Running in games on a summer front lawn
Where childhood seemed to last forever
And even though we heard your mother call
You stayed until the game was over

And I long to whisper in the still of the air
Oh, the game is not over tonight
But all I can do is whisper a prayer
That God gives you courage to fight

Yesterday the moments we held spoke of years
Tonight years are held in moments
We speak of our faith and not of fears
For in fear there is nothing but torment


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