Monday, April 18, 2011

Wordless Love Song

Oh my love, our song is wafting
From the swaying willow tree
From the cool and bleak horizon
I can hear its melody
A harmony of love and longing
Pouring deep inside of me
Symphony of peace and passion
Like the rolling of the sea

Oh my love, no sweeter music
Ever filled a banquet hall
As the song that’s drifting to me
Where our phantom shadows fall
Far beyond the distant hills, dear
Beyond this moment or this breath
Lies this thing called the unknown, dear
But our music fills the earth

Oh my love, tomorrow’s mystery
Cannot dull the song I hear
In its cadence you are with me
In my smile and in my tear
Oh my love, leave words and sonnets
For the ones who need to know
I prefer the wayward music
Of willow trees and winds that blow


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  1. another wonderful experience in life beautifully expressed!


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