Monday, April 11, 2011

Without Expectation

Do you remember the first time we met?
The summer of summers I will never forget
The sky was so blue when you said ‘hello’
I said ‘how are you’, and then I came to know
There is nothing like the first time

We didn’t have anything to compare it to
You looked at me while I surveyed you
But I wasn’t wondering if you would repeat
The words you said last time, so timid and sweet
Because there’s nothing like the first time

No expectations to which we must adhere
No regrets, broken trust, no wish and no fear
We simply let the wild wind lead the way
And oh, what a day that was, yesterday
Because there’s nothing like the first time

Now we have memories and we have a past
We linger sometimes in the shadow they cast
And we have expectations; that’s the way love is
There is no second first time, with its mystery and bliss
Oh, there’s nothing like the first time


Do you know how you know when you're getting old?
When you sit and reminisce:)

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