Thursday, April 28, 2011


Clamorous moments push against my side
Tugging me from my yearning
Forcing me to see what’s in front of me
For there is no returning
To the crying shadow of faded chance
Or the blue meadow of yesterday’s dance

My tears for you wrap me in a pale, silk scarf
I run my mind over your form
While the wind screams and moans and wails
I am caught in the eye of the storm
I touch your mouth with dissolute sorrow
We will worry about tomorrow, tomorrow

Rain-drops slide into puddles of glass
Dawn creases the hem-line of day
As light splinters the cobalt grasp
Of a dark arm, stiff and gray
I know today is coming on fast
And I turn to you; on the verge of the past

Slow release is an agonizing eternity
As I sense you pulling away
The warmth of your whisper slipping from me
Into the vast yesterday
A stiff breeze rises with the sun
I reach for you; but the storm is gone


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