Thursday, April 28, 2011

Trying on my Longing

I wish you fell as smoothly from me
As the teardrop from my eye
But I cannot wipe away memories
With words like ‘we’ll write’ or ‘good-bye’

We pack things in boxes only to find
That somewhere along the way
They have left their importance behind
In a shroud of yesterday

Longing slips over my head, then my shoulders
Like a dark blue-velvet dress
Suddenly the night is broader and colder
I shiver beneath its caress

But I cannot touch in its aching mist
That thing I am longing for
I am not even sure what it is
Does it even exist anymore?

The fragrance of you is a wistful presence
It wraps me in a soft blue-gray
Tingeing the night with iridescence
My gown slowly falls away


Today my son discovered that love hurts
As he watched two of his best buddies leave
For their new home almost 2000 miles away…

Tonight I held him as he cried himself to sleep,
My tears mingling with his…yes, love hurts…

Its strange, how we pack chapters of a life into boxes…
Signifying an end…
Then we unpack them…for a new beginning

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