Monday, April 18, 2011

This Time I Would Dance

There are things I long to tell you
If I were given one more chance
And if you asked me, Darling
This time I would dance

Somehow fleeting moments
Recklessly expand
Pushing you too far from me
I cannot reach your hand

We cannot know our fortune
Until it slips away
Darling, I would dance this time
You asked me…yesterday

A thousand yesterdays to me
Are all the same as one
Unattainable history
That cannot be undone

This time I would dance with you
But I know you are gone
Beyond the distant hills of blue
I must dance alone


The 'dance' referred to here is life.
Today is a beautiful dance!


  1. ah yeh! enjoying your lovely poems.... the ones you wrote lately were really good ...they brought me here... :)devouring the poems and wish to be able to snuggle with a book( of your poems you know what i mean ) rather than sit at a desktop!! My phone screen is a strain on my eyes after a while... these are just the tips of my woes...but your poems are such a pure pleasure to read..:)
    Compliments and best wishes Janet!!!

  2. Oh Grace, to know you suffer to read here...well, that leaves me speechless! your words are like big warm hugs and I return them to you:)

  3. I hope for a book someday. Funny how you can tell your kids to DREAM BIG! and never dare to lift the lid and peek at our own:)

  4. Thank you Janet, You know secretly (ha )it is not that bad when you think of the pleasure your poems give...
    ...its a kind of inner pining for that surreal experience again and again...knowing that someone out there sings so melodiously...(and you daresay "noise" !!)...its the clamour in the heart that reaches another clamouring one here and there .....and coming from you it mostly becomes a hymn or a lullaby or a kind of soothsaying, say!! if not an eye opener or a stunner :)
    Three cheers for the book Janet and may i lay my hands on the same!!!

  5. Maybe its silly but recently I prayed, Oh God, please let me know if this is what you want me to be doing, or am I so bent on this that maybe I am missing what you really want! But then, here you are or He seems to stir so much to be inspired about that I hardly know what to with it...

    Never, EVER feel pressured to comment. I appreciate it, but sometimes life allows only so much, right?

    Sometimes I think God shakes His head at me and says, you of little faith, why do you doubt?


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