Tuesday, April 19, 2011


She weeps against my windowpane
With wild and stormy tear
Wailing as the raging wind
Screams through the atmosphere
The tree, her naked victim
She tosses at her will
I long to reach and still them
Or shield them from her chill

With merciless insistence
She pounds against the door
In spite of her persistence
Her begging I ignore
As all the more she battles
In violent, furious rage
I turn on the tea-kettle
And slowly turn a page

Like children throw a tantrum
She too must have her fling
A turbulent transition
Before it can be spring
She whips the ragged pine tree
And storms across the grass
Yet, for her venting misery
I know, this too shall pass


We have a WILD one on our hands tonight!
Seems she’s throwing everything at us she can possibly contrive…
…wind, sleet, snow, rain, frozen rain!

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